Buyer Representation & Negotiation Service

Your very own professional estate agent fighting YOUR corner

average saving for clients (£)


off the asking price, on average

Benefit from our expertise & negotiation skills


Every property seller has an estate agent trying to get them the highest price so every buyer should have an agent helping them pay the LOWEST price… they do in America!

With our buyer representation service, you’re the client, not the seller so we help you find the property of your dreams and secure it for you, at the lowest price possible. We go head to head with the sellers estate agent… and we don’t like losing!

In this market, there will likely be multiple buyers chasing the same property. With our help, we will not only help you secure it, we’ll also make sure you pay the lowest price possible.

Power Bespoke negotiated me an £8,000 saving on my house

Jo, Horley

I saved £13,500 off my next house with the help of Power Bespoke

Sandra, Carshalton

With Power Bespoke’s help, I saved £5000 off my next investment property

Jim, Redhill

Why use us as your buyers’ agent?

  • Saving you money: We’re professional negotiators. We do it day in, day out and have done for many years. Negotiation is a skill. We save our clients on average £12,200 off the asking price of the house they want to buy.
  • Cut out the EMOTION: Negotiating with emotion is the worst thing you can do. You REALLY want that thing, whether it be a house, car or new shoes, which will fundamentally effect your ability to negotiate the best deal. Mainly because you would have shown your emotion to the person you are negotiating against and they will manipulate it… if they’re a good negotiator 😉
  • Heads up: Hear about properties BEFORE they come onto the open market
  • On & off market property: We will pro-actively search the market for you looking for off market properties.
  • Stagnant Search: The best deals are usually done on properties that have stagnated on the market. We have a unique way of finding the properties that are most likely to be more negotiable.
  • Packaging and presenting you as the preferred buyer: Property sellers don’t always accept the highest offer. Whether or not your offer is accepted has a lot to do with how you package and present yourself and your offer to the selling agent/vendor. With our inside knowledge, we we will help you shine above competing buyers.
  • Save time: We will progress your purchase right through to completion, liaising with estate agents, solicitors and mortgage companies keeping you fully informed every step of the way
  • Your own problem solver: We will solve issues which will inevitably arise during the Conveyancing process
  • Expert advice: We will view properties with you where necessary
  • Use our trusted contacts (tried and tested): We can help with organising the best mortgage, solicitors, surveyors, removals and builders

In simple terms, by using powerbespoke as your buying agent, we will take a lot of the stress associated with buying a property and act in your best interests at all times.

*we’re unable to assist as your buying agent if the property you wish to buy is for sale through Power Bespoke due to the conflict of interest. In this instance, you will be helped by an un-associated negotiator.


Fair and Transparent Fees

The fees for the buyer representation service are very simple.

Instruction: At the point of instructing us as your buying agent, there will be at £500+VAT instruction fee. This covers the initial ‘strategy & advice meeting’

Success: Upon successful exchange of contracts on your purchase, we charge a 1%+VAT success fee of the property purchase price (or 10% of the saving, whichever the greater), minus the £500 already paid. Simple right?

Benefit from our expertise & negotiation skills